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While there are many educational consultants for you to choose from, we distinguish ourselves in a few important ways.

Personalized Service

Our service is highly customized to each individual as we have expert destination and specific course counselors who cater to a particular country or discipline of study. Additionally we ensure that one of our directors is also involved in the counselling process with the student until the university selection process is complete. Our aim in doing this is to ensure the student gets the best and most personalized service possible especially in the career counselling and university selection process which is one of the most crucial phases of the process.


Most of our counselors have been international students themselves. They understand what it is like to be seeking international study opportunities for the first time. This can be so confusing, especially with so many combinations of courses, institutions and countries to choose

from. Our dedicated counselors will take time to understand you as an individual, then match your requirements with a selection of suitable courses and assist you through the complex application process.



Education Partners and Networks


We have worked hard over the years to develop networks with leading institutions across the globe and due to the growing brand awareness of Gyaan and the increase in number of students we are placing to quality institutions, our reach with the universities is expanding rapidly. This means that we know these institutions well - where they are located, what the campus is like, what they excel at and what kind of study experience students will receive.


Service at your Doorstep


Anytime, Anywhere. We bring the service to you. While we have our offices where you can come and meet us, our counselors and management staff are mobile and if it is hard for you to come to us, we can come to you. We are happy to arrange to meet you at your residence or a location that’s convenient for you.  


Highly efficient and robust processes


In the fast paced competitive world we live in today, we understand that speed and prompt delivery of services are critical to any client. Immediate action, answers, quick turnarounds and resolutions are what people are looking for, irrespective of industry. To support our front end counseling team, we have a strong back office team that work on ensuring things happen swiftly.  While the counseling and interaction with the student is completely personalized, the back end works like clock- work to ensure you get what you are promised and on time.

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